For artists, finding success in the music industry goes far beyond booking gigs and gaining a fan base. Many paths can take you to your goal, but not everyone holds the map. As a booking and management company we offer many services (in and out-of-house) to build your launchpad and propel you toward success. We use market tested strategies and our decade-old rolodex to put you where you need to be. Some of the services we offer are outlined below.

Media Relations:

  • Music critics and reviewers
  • Social media strategy for bands
  • Social media strategy for venues
  • Media Training and Practice for band members
  • Message Development to communicate brands/Bands/Clubs/Venues
  • Promotion to local media for events/concerts

Materials Development:

  • Merchandise Design/Procurement
  • Photography Production/direction
  • Social Media Content Production strategy
  •  Video Production and scripting/direction
  • Website design/direction
  • Advertising

For venues looking to purchase talent, private and corporate events looking for help with event production, we've got you covered from the ground up, plug to poster. 

Event Management and Production:

  • Private events/corporate events-logistics/band selection and recruitment
  • Promotion Strategies and management for Concerts/Producing concerts
  • Advising out of town venues on selection of emerging Austin bands
  • Bringing  the Austin Sound to outside cities
  • Sound Technician and all elements of stage production
  • Booking Agent Services for Bands and Venues